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When I started up my company, one of the first challenges I faced was designing and creating my company logo. I am my own worst client and wanted the right logo to represent me and my work.

I started with three specific ideas for my brief. Firstly, I wanted to use the abbreviated ‘C78’, I like the idea of clients being so familiar with the company that they feel comfortable using the shortened name. Secondly, I liked the idea of using segments, maybe like a digital watch you’d see in 1978. Thirdly, was another reference to the ’78’ (this one was just for me as I am sure no one would even know this without being told), but all the letters are tilted at a 78º angle. I tried numerous versions of each of these 3 concepts and decided to include them all!

Once I was happy with the symbol, I spent a bit of time choosing a suitable font. I wanted something that would be strong for the logo, but with different, softer weights and that would be good for body text and headings so the logo font would continue throughout the brand.

I created a logo that I am very happy with, strong and instantly recognisable. I am happy with the stories and ideas the make the logo and passionately tell anyone that is willing to listen! I am very much of the opinion that if something has a reason behind it, the end product benefits greatly.

Circa78 Creative Final Logo Design

The final design has recently been developed, I hope you like as much as I do!

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